“With Summer People, first-time novelist Brian Groh beautifully crafts the coming-of-age story of a young man who is in between everything.” – CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
“A solidly good book.” – PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY
“Groh’s dry social observation, his wicked ear for dialogue and flashes of ironic humor transmute [Summer People] into something more philosophical, as Nathan moves through a tragicomic landscape, coming to grips with class, money, Aristotelian precepts, mortality, the essential loneliness of the human condition and the possibility that the pursuit of happiness might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. [A] beguiling tale full of wit and wisdom.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)
“An introspective tragicomedy about depression, class and finding a mooring in life.” – PEOPLE MAGAZINE
“A haunting work.” – CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER
“There's a little of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Nick Carraway (of The Great Gatsby) in the 'outsider' Nathan's cautious evaluations of the bright world into which he is almost, if not quite fully, welcomed...An agreeably thoughtful and provocative novel.” – DOWN EAST MAGAZINE
“Funny and fast-paced...believable banter is definitely one of Groh's strengths. Grade: A.” – CINCINNATI CITYBEAT
“A deep and meaningful in wisdom and humor...[Summer People] will entertain you start to finish.” – MAINE SUNDAY TELEGRAM
“Groh's novel is strong...and Nathan's character, like the lead in [Nick Hornby's] High Fidelity, ultimately charms.” – BOOKLIST

Praise for Summer People

Summer People captures so well the balancing act one must perform when struggling between unignorable duty and overwhelming desire. Startlingly humorous and affecting, the author’s debut novel provides a window into a rarefied, cloistered world, filled with characters who still go through my heart—just a delight to read.” – Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Olive Kitteridge and Abide with Me

“Please be careful when taking Brian Groh’s Summer People to the beach. Once you’ve started this fine and funny novel, it’ll take a strong-willed effort indeed to put it down. Be sure to wear plenty of sunblock, and be prepared for a few looks from your neighbors—they’re going to want to know why you’re laughing so much.” – Owen King, author of We're All In This Together